Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Who we are


The trustees at Learning Link Ghana are committed to their work to help create a brighter future for children in Ghana, so much so, that they all give their time and effort on a completely voluntary basis, ensuring that all the money raised for the charity goes towards improving the school and giving even more children the chance of an education that will change their lives.
We'd like to introduce all our trustees to you. If you would like to help by giving some of your time and becoming a trustee for Learning Link Ghana, please get in touch.
Frank Nkansa-Dwamena - Founder
Frank founded Learning Link Ghana in 1999, by inviting several of his ex-colleagues from the London Borough of Brent to join him in this endeavour. Frank lived in Britain for 30 years and studied for his degree, B.Sc. (Econs.) at the University of Stirling, before working in Bristol and London and finally as Head of Special Education in the London Borough of Brent until his departure in 1997. His father, Nana Nkansa- Dwamena founded the City of Kumasi School in 1966 and remained as Principal until his death in 1998, at which time Frank returned to Ghana to become the Managing Director of the school. At present, Frank commutes between Kumasi and London.
Gladys Nkansa-Dwamena - Chair

Gladys is a member of senior nursing staff at Northwick Park Hospital in North London and even after night duty, Gladys will attend Learning Link Ghana meetings with enthusiasm. Her cooking of traditional Ghanaian food is legendary and Gladys plays an important part in our visits to schools she tells the children about the Ghanaian national dress, demonstrates Ghanaian national food and Ghanaian history. Gladys is fluent in both Fante and Akan Twi.

Eugene Nkansa-Dwamena - Vice Chair

Eugene is the eldest son of Frank and Gladys Nkansa-Dwamena and was born in Bristol where his parents were studying and working. He tries to visit Ghana when he can and is currently working for a local government authority.

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