Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Who we are


Learning Link Ghana’s patrons are figureheads for the charity and all have a strong public service ethos and a history of charitable work.
If you or someone you know would like to become a patron, please get in touch with us using the email link at the foot of the page.
Jenni Smith
Jenni was a valued and respected trustee of LLG for fourteen years, working tirelessly to support the children of the school. She was one of Frank’s colleagues in Brent and was invited to become involved in Learning Link Ghana. She became Chair in 2000 when the charity became registered and held that position until 2009. Jenni’s interest in Africa began when, as a young teacher, she travelled to Tanzania in East Africa to teach primary school children when her husband was appointed to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of United Nations to organise veterinary research work.
Jenni returned to London three years later and after her ten years at home looking after her children, she re-qualified as an educational psychologist and has worked in several local educational authorities. In 1993/4 she visited Zimbabwe and was involved in teacher training there. Jenni remained in educational work until 2006 when she retired as Principal Educational Psychologist (Acting) in Waltham Forest, East London. Knowledge and love of Africa has underpinned her interest in being an active member of Learning Link Ghana.
Jonathan Braham
Jonathan Braham was born in Jamaica and educated there and in the United Kingdom. He eschewed working in the family business, taught English at private schools, worked as an editor in a publishing company, as producer in a televison company and later set up an advertising agency. When that failed in the recession of the late 1970s he returned to his first love – writing. He’d written his first novel when he was sixteen years old, and many short stories for the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation radio programme, Jamaica Woman, while still at school. He’s written for radio, newspapers, theatre, the Jamaica Journal, and won awards for his work in the Jamaica Literary Festival. He arrived in London intending to publish but after a year had a change of direction and found himself working in a fascinating area of work – Education Welfare. Since 1990 he has been director of the Education Welfare Service in a Local Authority in London.
The Reverend David Nash
David Nash is a Church of England priest who retired in 2008, having served over forty years in ministry mostly in North London parishes. During this time he served as Area Dean of Enfield, and later, of Central Barnet. In addition he was for ten years a clergy selector, and for seven years a tutor on the Edmonton Area Christian Studies Course. Currently he assists in local parishes in Enfield where he and his wife Bridget now live. He is also a member of the pastoral team of St Paul's Cathedral. He enjoys reading and keeping up with current affairs, dabbling with art and pottering in the garden.
Mrs Bridget Nash
Bridget Nash, wife of David, retired in 2009 as a senior social worker with Barnet Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service where she served for 17 years. After graduating at Manchester University, she spent a year as a VSO volunteer at St Monica's School, Mampong, in Ghana and she is still in regular touch with a number of the volunteers and teachers who were serving there at the same time. She and David have four children and three grandchildren so there will be few empty spaces in their retirement plans.
Geoffrey Smith
Geoff is a veterinary surgeon, now retired, whose working life was spent in carrying out research into infectious diseases of animals, at the Moredun Institute in Edinburgh and the Zoological Society of London, with an intervening period of three years in Tanzania as an adviser for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. During his working life, he also visited and advised in other parts of Africa (Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana) and South America (Paraguay, Bolivia).

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