Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Whitings Hill
In November, a local Barnet primary school, Whitings Hill Primary School, invited us to give a presentation about Learning Link Ghana, following a highly successful “non-uniform day” during which the pupils raised over £300 to enable the sponsorship of pupils at the City of Kumasi School to take place. During the presentation, which was arranged by one of our Trustees, Mr Thomas Anderson, a learning mentor at Whitings Hill School, we were able to show a short DVD of another Trustee’s visit to the City of Kumasi School last February. This Trustee, Miss Kate Oddy, and her father, both helped set up the Science laboratory, which had been developed through money donated through Learning Link Ghana. Mr Oddy also gave some tutorials for teachers who were to be involved in this work. The pupils were fascinated, as you will have seen in our most recent newsletter. Our visit in November to Whitings Hill School was most interesting and the pupils there had many questions to ask our two Ghanaians present, Mrs Gladys Nkansa-Dwamena and Mr Eugene Nkansa-Dwamena, who are also both Trustees of LLG. We agreed that the money raised would be used to sponsor three pupils at the City of Kumasi School and the Head Teacher, Mr Osei Agyemang has already been informed. We are looking forward to receiving letters from the pupils to their sponsors in the near future.
In December, Gladys Nkansa-Dwamena and Ms Jenni Smith ran a Christmas Stall at Monken Hadley CE Primary School in Barnet. There was great interest as usual in our chocolate from Ghana and in some beautiful Ghana bracelets. We raised over £200 which included some personal donations to the charity.
Monday, 12 November 2012

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