Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
The Interact Group at Ravenscroft Community School was initiated by the Barnet Rotary Club. Mr Arthur Chapman, the International Rotarian in Barnet visits the school regularly to discuss community projects with this group of Sixth Formers. Through his involvement and his knowledge of Learning Link Ghana, the Interact Group raised funds at their Christmas Carol service in 2006 to sponsor a secondary school pupil at The City of Kumasi School. Since students in the 6th Form move on at the end of the year to colleges, universities and jobs, the new group members of the Interact Group continued this sponsorship for 2007-8 by running a cake stall, the proceeds from which were presented to Gladys and Jenni from LLG in February 2008 by Ms Karina Marcou, the Sixth Form President of the Interact Group. This will enable the sponsored student, Bernice, to continue her studies in Kumasi. Contact is developing between the two schools via the internet.
Saturday, 25 July 2009

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