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Learning Link Ghana creates partnerships between the City of Kumasi school and schools in the UK, which have been holding their own sponsorship events to raise funds for children in Ghana. Representatives of Learning Link Ghana regularly visit these schools for updates and general information on Ghana and we hope to get more schools involved and extend our visits to be further integrated into the curriculum. It is hoped that in the future, other schools in the Kumasi area will be able to use the school library, lab and computers. We also hope to offer curriculum development sessions in Kumasi through some of our educationally trained Trustees and also to arrange a teacher exchange. For news on what's been happening at the schools in connection with LLG see our UK news section.

If you are involved at a school that is interested in becoming a partner school with the City of Kumasi school, please contact us using the email address on the left hand side of the page. 

St. Andrew’s Primary School in Totteridge, North London

St. Andrew’s Primary School in Totteridge, North London is the latest school to support Learning Link Ghana. Trustee, Averill Lovatt, met with Deputy Headteacher, Lisa Bonfield, in February to discuss ways in which the pupils of St. Andrew’s School could support the pupils at City of Kumasi School. At the beginning of the Summer Term, Averill will return to St. Andrew’s to meet with the School Council.
Monken Hadley CE Primary School, Barnet
We have had links with Monken Hadley Church of England Primary school since 2006. This is a small single entry primary school in North London, Barnet, where pupils, parents and staff at the school have supported Learning Link Ghana through sponsored events such as a 'Sponsored Bounce', sales of the school magazine, and through running a stall at the school’s Christmas and Summer Fairs.
Since 2006 the school has sponsored three pupils at the City of Kumasi Prep School. Pupils have been in touch with each other by letter and we hope in the future to improve e-mail links with Kumasi. The Head Teacher of Monken Hadley CE School, Mr Steven Adams has been in touch by e-mail with the Headteacher of the Kumasi school, Mr Osei Agyemang Adarkwah. Mr Adams has also had discussions with Mr Frank Nkansa-Dwamena the Director of the City of Kumasi School and through this, donations to the school library have been made and a new school council attended by both children and staff has evolved.
Ravenscroft Technology College, Barnet
The Ravenscroft School is a Technology College in North London. Sponsorship from Ravenscroft was facilitated through the Interact Group, which is a group of sixth formers who meet with a representative of the local Barnet Rotary Club to support and help people in the community. The international theme was developed through the Rotary Club and in 2007 the Interact Group sponsored a teenaged pupil at the City of Kumasi School through taking a collection at the Christmas Carol Service. They have continued their support by making and selling cakes to raise adequate funds. Members of the Interact Group are keen to be in contact by letter and e-mail with other students in the City of Kumasi School. We have also discussed possible visits of students to Ghana during a gap year.
The FitzWimarc School in Rayleigh, Essex
LLG has been linked with FitzWimarc School in Rayleigh, Essex since 2009. Fitz is a large 11-16 comprehensive school that has an excellent reputation in its local area and outstanding examination results. The link with LLG and the City of Kumasi School was established by the Head of Geography, Miss Julia Hammond, who was able to visit the school in February 2010 and again in 2011.
Julia took with her letters and work created by Year 8 pupils at Fitz, which were enthusiastically received by their counterparts in Kumasi. During her visit, Julia was able to watch a variety of lessons and discuss the development of a Science Laboratory with Mr Osei Agyemang Adarkwah, the Headteacher of the Kumasi school.
Fitz carried out a variety of fundraising activities in January 2011 to enhance the teaching facilities at the school, raising over £2700. Julia made a second visit to the school in February 2011, funded by the Geographical Association’s International Initiatives Fund. More resources were created by Year 8 Fitz students, this time focusing on Maths, English and French.
Work commenced on fitting out the Science Lab in 2011 and by spring 2012 the equipment was ready. Julia’s colleague Kate Oddy travelled to Ghana with her father Jonathan and began the huge task of getting the lab up and running. Kate took over Julia’s role as trustee for the charity in July 2012 and is hoping to make a return visit to Kumasi in 2013.
Other link schools:
Christ Church CE Primary, Barnet
Queen Elizabeth Girls’ School, Barnet

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