Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Welcome to Learning Link Ghana
Our mission

LLG Mission Statement

Learning Link Ghana’s mission is to support the advancement of education of children in Kumasi, Ghana and in particular the City of Kumasi JSS and Prep School by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities, which would not be otherwise available and by arranging sponsorship for children who, because of poverty, would miss the opportunity to receive basic education, especially girls and children with special needs. In addition we aim to promote friendship and exchange programmes between children in Ghana and the UK.
Support for the Advancement of Education / General Support
Learning Link Ghana supports the advancement of education and gives general support in the following areas:
Discussions between Trustees and Headteachers of schools in Ghana and UK regarding the curriculum, school councils and nursery education
Provision of school course materials re nursery education, teaching of mathematics and science
Provision of computers and printers for the Kumasi school
Provision of books for the library
Provision of pencils and stationery for students
Provision of funds to build new toilets
Provision of funds to build the new science lab, domestic science facility and refectory block
Donated clothing has been sent regularly for the past 4 years to the children of the school. Many do not have enough changes of clothing apart from their school uniforms, which they receive as sponsored pupils. We hope that the donated clothing and shoes will be shared with all children whose families are struggling to provide for their children.
On a wider basis, the building up of the school library is seen as a resource for use by many schools in the Kumasi area which may require additional reference books. In the past, Learning Link Ghana has also sent more academic and religious books to the Archdiocese of Kumasi and to the University College.
Arrangement of Sponsorship
We regularly arrange sponsorship for children who, because of poverty, would miss the opportunity to receive basic education, especially girls and children with special needs. Children who receive sponsorship are selected from a list of children in need, sent to Learning Link Ghana by the Headteacher of the Kumasi school.
Promoting Friendship and Exchange
Through e-mails and letters between pupils, sponsors, trustees and headteachers, we have established an exchange of ideas and hopefully, friendship and understanding.
The Headteacher of Monken Hadley School has used letters from the children sponsored by the school children at School Assembly to help the UK pupils understand the cultural differences and display the excellent literacy standards of the pupils in Kumasi. Gladys Nkansa Dwamena and Jenni Smith, both trustees, have visited Monken Hadley School and displayed Ghanaian dress, weaving and the making of chocolate to the pupils. Photographs of both schools and pupils are displayed in both countries.
We hope to arrange the exchange of teachers in future from the participating schools to help share the culture, different ideas and educational practice of the two countries involved i.e. Ghana and the UK.

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